Leigh Anne B. Terrebone


As a member of the LSUHSC clinical faculty, I provide supervision to predoctoral interns on a weekly basis, one hour per week at a minimum. Prospective LSU supervisees are encouraged to speak to their Internship Program Training Director for more information on supervisor assignments. Other potential supervisees seeking licensure or looking to advance skill areas can contact me at (504) 864-0800 for more information and to discuss the prospect of working together.

Consultation and Referrals

Please leave a confidential message at (504) 864-0800 regarding potential referrals or to schedule a phone or in-person consultation. I am currently accepting psychotherapy and assessment referrals and will be happy to talk to you about whether my skills are the right fit for your referral needs.

Speaking Engagements

Please contact me directly at (504) 864-0800 if you are interested in scheduling a presentation. I am available to talk with your school, agency, or business on a range of topics pertaining to mental health, including substance abuse, psychotherapy, self care (for therapists and non-therapists), work-life balance, mood and sleep. Topics can be amended to suit your needs.