Leigh Anne B. Terrebone

Those interested in making an appointment for either individual psychotherapy or psychological assessment should first contact the office at (504) 864-0800 for a brief telephone consultation to discuss your interest and to schedule an initial consultation or obtain an appropriate referral.The initial consultation appointment will allow you to determine your comfort with working with Dr. Terrebonne and allows Dr. Terrebonne to assess your needs, interest in therapy, personal history, and diagnostic issues. During this consultation you will both discuss and develop a plan for therapy or assessment.

New patients are encouraged to complete and bring forms to their first visit to expedite the initial appointment process. Forms are found below:


Contact form
Louisiana Notice form
Consent form
Credit Card Consent form

What to expect in your first appointment...


First Psychotherapy appointment - 60 minutes; Subsequent appointments - 50 minutes

Issues such as confidentiality and any pressing questions you have will be addressed at the beginning of the appointment.

We will begin talking about your reasons for making the appointment, continuing our phone cnversation.
Most of the first session will consist of a thorough discussion of the problems you face. I'll also gather information about the history of your difficulties, past psychological difficulties, developmental experiences, family of origin, current family situation, past and present relationships/social support system, alcohol and drug usage, among other areas.

Towards the end of the meeting, we will make a tentative plan for working together, or we will discuss referring you to another clinician if it seems appropriate (e.g., if you require a specialist in an area outside my practice, or if you would be more comfortable with a different therapist/psychologist.


Assessment appointments may range from 60-90 minutes. In preadoption evaluations, I often meet for 60 minutes with each parent alone, then another 30-60 minutes with both spouses together.
Confidentiality limits will be discussed. Depending on the reason for your referral, you may be asked to give consent to discuss findings with the person or agency referring you.

The interview will center on the reason for your referral and will broaden to address other areas of your life including history of the problem for which you seek evaluation, past psychological difficulties, developmental experiences, medical/physical health, family of origin, current family situation, past and present relationships/ social support system, alcohol and drug usage, among other areas.

We'll discuss instruments/tests to be used to complete the assessment as well as costs/fees involved.

Beyond the first appointment...a description of therapy:

Psychotherapy is not easily descirbed in general statements. Factors such as personality (yours and the psychologist's) as well as your unique problems and experiences shape the process and outcome of psychotherapy. Positive outcomes have much to do with the level of committment you have to the process and of course has much to due with the competency and skill of the psychologist. People who experience growth and change often enter psychotherapy with a readiness to change, which greatly aids in the success they experience. However, much of the time, people enter therapy unsure of their readiness to change, in which case therapy will center on talking about and resolving barriers, ambivalence, or resistance to change. Therapy outcomes have a lot to do with enriching your self understanding, deepening your awarenesses (often of what is beneath the surface), developing compassion towards yourself and the people in your life, and when need-be, eliminating or distancing from relationships that do not promote your physical or mental health. Therapy also helps people correct or change maladaptive emotional, cognitive, and behavioral patterns that lead to or reinforce maladjustment and the problems people experience with themselves, work, school, and relationships with others.

Fees and Insurance:

Please call (504) 864-0800 for current fee schedule.
Payments for psychotherapy are due in full at the time of your appointment.

This is a fee-for-service practice, meaning that Dr. Terrebonne doesn't accept insurance as a form of payment and that you will be responsible for paying the full fee.

All forms of payment except American Express accepted.

You may be eligible for insurance reimbursement by your health insurance company.

You will be provided with necessary claim forms and paperwork needed to submit to your insurance company as well as guidance on filing.

If you wish to recoup costs from insurance, you are advised to call insurance customer service and check eligibility for out of network benefits. Information such as whether you have out-of-network coverage, deductible amounts, and coinsurance percentages will be useful in determining reimbursements.